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Pacific always looking for talented people to promote our brand. Pacific opened a series of opportunities for candidates and enabling employees to work in an environment of international stature of a major company.

Pursuing goals

All employees of the Pacific are challenges in the pursuit of common goals. Individuals are encouraged to maintain professional skills development to improve the achievement of personal and professional capabilities and their own management. In the Pacific, team spirit among employees is the decisive factor ensuring the overall success for the brand.

Working in the Pacific.

The staff working in the Pacific has always been the most valuable assets. In order to develop increasingly high product quality, continuous improvement in service capacity and satisfy every customer's requirement, Pacific implement pioneering ways in the work of rehabilitation and improvement of the organization . By establishing a professional working environment and give all employees regular training.

The basic values

Pacific is based on six core values is seen as the foundation to build the brand. In the Pacific we preserve these values because they are part decisive for the success of the collective and individual. 6 values also represent the quality standards that we require of our employees.
- Professionalism
- Efficacy
- Honesty
- Creativity
- Teamwork
- Good attitude

How to apply?

Please send your CV to the email address:

Your job application should include key information such as full name, phone number, address, professional qualifications, language skills, desired location and previous work history.