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The news and new events will be continuously posted in this forum. We will share with you new information related to the furniture industry in general as well as cultural activities, society, the presence of Pacific brand alone. The design contest, interior decoration will be constantly updated here.

Owned wonderful resting place and comfortable like this, no one wants to leave the bed took it.

1. Enjoy the sunshine shines directly to the unique plywood bed in the middle of the room.


2. Simple and warm with gentle blue tones with white fur soft carpet.


3. Immerse yourself in a deep sleep by the fireplace warm and friend "pillow" special.


 4. bedside window brings natural light beaming, add a few potted bring nature into the house.

5. Rooms with pristine white tones dominant, accentuated with unique decorations of the employer.
6. Wall utilized empty showcase ideas for work.